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NNN has grown out of, and is committed to, community-engaged action research. Following are selected publications, presentations and media arising from the project.

name narrate navigate : evidence.


Postcards from practice

Blakemore, T., McCarthy, S., Rak, L., McGregor, J., Stuart, G., & Krogh, C. (2021). Postcards from practice: Initial learnings from Name.Narrate.Navigate. University of Newcastle. Download here.

An overview of the impetus and intent of NNN, its design and development and initial findings from it’s pilot delivery (2018-2020).

Crime and Context

Blakemore, T., Rak, L., Agllias, K., Mallett, X., & McCarthy, S. (2018). Crime and context: Understandings of youth perpetrated interpersonal violence among service providers in regional Australia. Journal of Applied Youth Studies, 2(5), 53-69. Download here.

This paper presents background context on youth crime in regional NSW and how it is understood by practitioners.

Service System Challenges

Blakemore, T., Agllias, K., Howard, A., & McCarthy, S. (2019). The service system challenges of work with juvenile justice involved young people in the Hunter Region, Australia. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 54(3), 341-356. Download here.

This paper explores practitioner perspectives of working with justice involved young people in regional Australia.

Deep Listening

Blakemore, T., Randall, E., Rak, L., & Cocuzzoli, F. (2021). Deep Listening and Relationality: Cross-cultural Reflections on Practice with Young Women Who Use Violence. Australian Social Work, 75(3), 304-316. Download here.

This paper explores cross-cultural work with young Aboriginal women who both experience and use violence in their interpersonal relationships.

No Filter Needed

Rak, L., Cocuzzoli, F., & Randall, E. (2022). No filter needed: Interweaving Deep Listening with visual methods in practice with young justice- involved Aboriginal women. FRSA Conference E-Journal, 5, 62-69. Download here.

This paper explores and honours the use of Aboriginal methods in NNN and the implementation of creative methodologies in NNN’s practice with young women charged with using violence.

His, hers and theirs

Rak, L., & Warton, T. (2023). His, hers and theirs: Comparative narratives from young people who use violence. Safer Communities. Download here.

This paper explores narratives of violence identified through two studies: one with young women in NNN and the other with young men on remand in a youth justice custodial setting.

Making the Invisible, Visible

Rak, L. (2022). Making the invisible, visible: Seeking the voices of justice involved young women in homelessness discourse. Parity, 35(1), 42-43. Download here.

This paper explores cross-cultural work with young Aboriginal women who both experience and use violence in their interpersonal relationships.




New Resource in Development

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Now See Hear

The NNN team are developing a practical resource to use in Youth Violence training. Now See Hear is a photo-based resource that prompts self-reflection, conversation and understanding of emotional literacy.

Get in touch to find out more and pre-order Now See Hear photo pack resource. Stay tuned for training based on the use of this powerful conversation tool.